Dear woices users, is closing its doors. It's been more than 9 years since the project started. Back then, location based services were still not as common as they are today, and the idea of sharing audio clips was indeed quite new. We are really grateful to all our users: those who have created content as well as those who enjoyed listening to them. Unfortunately, the original team, who had moved to new ventures some years ago and had been keeping it up and running all these years as a pet project, considered that the web app technology had become outdated and the platform needed a major upgrade. That is why we have finally decided to power it off.

We are closing doors on the 15th March 2016 so that you have time to download any content you might wanted to keep or save. After that date, all content will not be available anymore.

Thanks and good luck!

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Antiblues blusero!
by TinchoRosarino

como descargo?

April 13, 2012 Gemanis
Ruta 66 de Pappo y armonic...
by TinchoRosarino

Jajaja, te veo por todas partes rosarino.

Muy bu

April 16, 2009 wasGxX
Improvisacion en Sol mayor
by TinchoRosarino

no esta malo tu impro... a ver si coloco uno mi

November 21, 2008 Vnzlanharp