What is woices?

Woices is a FREE internet service that allows people to create, share and consume echoes, audio records that are linked to a very specific geographical location or real-world object. Woices ultimate goal is to extend reality by creating a new layer of audio information, what we call the echoesphere, that will make the world a more interesting place.

What is an echo?

Echoes are words, left by one person at some precise place, that can be later listened to by anyone, as if their author was still there. Echoes can be about anything you want, from history, art or curiosities to personal memories or advices. An echo can even a poem.

How to listen to echoes

From your computer

  • Browse the directory and drill down through countries, areas and finally locations (towns).
  • Use the search form at the top.

From your phone - woices.mobi

  • Input its e-code and quickly retrieve any echo.
  • Use the search form.

From your mp3 player

  • Download all echoes you need in advance and listen them once you are at the place

How to record and share echoes

Right here, right now

  • Create a new echo through this web with no need for extra software. Simply follow the three steps:
    1. Place the echo on the map
    2. Give it a name
    3. Connect a micro to the computer and click the rec button. As easy as that!

Upload an mp3 file

  • If you already recorded an echo with some recording software you can upload it as a mp3 file.

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