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UWBG Oral History Walk

Created by UWBG in English at 0.7 km of Broadmoor, Washington (United States) over 4 years ago

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The voices on this walk were selected from the University of Washington Botanic Gardens Oral History Project. We have geo-located some of the narrator's stories into ten "stops" through the Washington Park Arboretum and the Center for Urban Hortic


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10 echoes in this walk (36min 58s)

  • Japanese Garden - Elizabet... (3min 29s)

    Arboretum Foundation board member Elizabeth Moses talks about the early development and design of



  • Lake Washington Boulevard ... (2min 41s)

    Seattle Parks employee Don Harris talks about the Olmsted Brothers design of Lake Washington Boul



  • Brian Mulligan Sorbus Coll... (3min 1s)

    Former Arboretum Director John Wott discusses how birds and insects interact with non-native vers



  • Japanese Maples - John Wott (3min 56s)

    Former Arboretum Director John Wott gives a glimpse into the different uses of the Arboretum and



  • Pinetum - Paul Gibson (3min 9s)

    Seattle resident and activist Paul Gibson reflects on how the Montlake Neighborhood was altered b



  • Donald Graham Visitor's Ce... (2min 56s)

    Carol Simons, the first female president of the Arboretum Foundation, explains the necessity of b



  • Plant Donations Nursery - ... (3min 15s)

    Arboretum volunteer Barbara Harris describes how the plant donations nursery got started.


  • Union Bay Natural Area - G... (6min 11s)

    • 5.0/5

    Grant Jones, principal landscape architect of the Jones & Jones Architecture firm, discusses how



  • Center for Urban Horticult... (2min 8s)

    Former CUH Director Harold Tukey describes why the Union Bay Natural Area became the site for the



  • Miller Library - Lyn Sauter (3min 57s)

    Volunteer Lyn Sauter describes how Joe Witt convinced her to organize the Arboretum book collecti





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